Electric Fencing

Growi® power supplies offer heightened safety, even under difficult conditions. Thanks to the new HTE technology, Growi® network devices are more powerful. 

Our current technology has a perfect price performance ratio. Our devices offer a compact and handy design suitable for electrification of smaller pastures. Ideal and convenient for regular relocation. Thanks to its built-in digital technology microprocessor our battery and battery units offer a variety of functions. The Growi® devices are powered by 9 volt batteries, and all units can be used with an AC adaptor or as a 12 volt unit. 

Growi®12 volt cordless devices offer superior performance and service life. These devices are the ideal alternative when no 240 volt mains voltage is available. Also suitable for the electrification of long fences and to deter wild animals. Thanks to its built-in digital technology micro-processor based our cordless tools offer a variety of functions.