There are many good reasons to invest in a BELMONDO® rubber floor covering. Their range of mats support the hoof mechanism and make the animals more sure-footed, while offering an appropriate level of softness that prevents tendon and joint strain. The mats provide thermal insulation by reducing exposure to the cold from below, in turn preventing instances of muscular disorders, rheumatism and stiffness. These hygienic, low-maintenance mats dry off quickly, significantly reduce bedding usage and the volume of waste, and provide sound insulation, reducing noise levels in the stables.

Laying BELMONDO® rubber floor covering is so quick and easy – you will be able to install the mats yourself. 

Whether rolling out matting or fitting together puzzle-cut edges, laying our mats is easy and straightforward. Here are a few tips to help you. 



– firm
– clean and dry
– no holes
– all irregularities must be evened out.

Maximum incline of 2%.
Paddock at least 1%, maximum of 2%.

easure the area and pre-plan the layout of your mats to suit your requirements. Cut mats where required, or remove puzzle-cut edge adjacent to the wall to create a snug fit. Use a mallet and tap puzzle-cut pieces into place, ensuring all adjoining edges are interlocking. It’s that simple! 

The sturdy grid structure of the Equiground® layer separation system distributes the point load of the hooves over a large area, preventing the footing layer and substrate from mixing and compacting.